Tiffany Floor Lamp Stained Glass Crystal Bead Dragonfly 64" Tall

$157.89 $147.89


Tiffany Style Reading Floor Lamp Sea Blue Stained Glass Crystal Bead Dragonfly 12 Inch Lampshade 64 Inch Tall Arched Base Antique Light  4+ star ratings.  Best Seller Rank Listing.

  • Easy assembly:  Lamp Shade Wide 12 Inch, Total Height 64 Inch, The angle of the lamp shade adjustable, UL listed, Resin Base Finish with Bronze colored, Lamp Shade Material : Stained Glass Jointed By Tin.
  • Foot Switch 43 inch from Plug and 45 Inch From Base: (Bulb Not Included) Bulbs: LED 2700 K E 26 G 45  4-8 W Warm White Light 
  • Tiffany Lamps: Beautifully handcrafted that will certainly add elegance and atmosphere to your home. These lamps are inspired from the Art Nouveau design, making each one a unique and stunning center piece to place in your living room, bedroom, office, vacation home, or anywhere you want lighting decor that’s elegant and unique.
  • Looking for a quality:   Our Tiffany lamps are a perfect gift for all occasions. These lamps are the perfect size and will look dazzling in any room. We ensure you our lamps are of the highest quality and they will most definitely leave the recipient in awe. With our High Collection Value, we know you will be proud to be an owner of one of these beautiful products. Our lamps are packed in a box with specialized poly foam that is cut out to protect shipping and handling.
  • For your satisfaction:   We have a 90 day guarantee and warranty. 


Our WEAFACTORY Tiffany floor lamp has an ingenious design with sea blue stained glass to make it one of the most gorgeous lamps on the market. Not only does it provide beautiful warm light to illuminate your spaces, it also as a Hand Art crafts for collection. Its the perfect light for bedrooms and living rooms, as it’s gorgeous enough to provide soft warm lighting and a warm cozy ambiance, but isn’t so harsh that it overwhelms the space.

Our Tiffany floor lamp is one of Tiffany’s most famous designs.  The stained glass lamp shade is a graphically beautiful combo of deep sea blues/greens when it’s off, and muted blues/greens when it’s on—with twinkling splashes of aqua and champagne thanks to the nuggets/cabochons. The reflections on the walls and ceiling are just lovely!

The shade is slightly heavy as expected, because of it being a glass lamp shade.  Even with that bit of weight, the shade sits firmly and evenly on the base, no balance issues or tipping.

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